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On our big trip to Asia we also made a short side trip to Hanoi this time, simply because I really wanted to see this city because I have heard so much about it. There are countless small streets with great cafes, streetfood wagons with Vietnamese dishes and shops with various souvenirs.

Cong Ca Phe

A cafe directly at one of the busiest places has typical Vietnamese coffee and a beautiful view of the city and the hectic hustle and bustle. The Cong Ca Phe.

Very famous for Hanoi is the train that runs right through the city. A few times a day the train travels through the small alleys in the middle of houses. Of course we didn’t want to miss this spectacle. In the middle there is also a small cafe, the Hanoi Train Track Cafe. This is not to be overlooked, has great homemade lemonade and the owner a young student will tell you when the train will pass next. So if you’re in Hanoi, you should definitely stop by.

What to eat?
Of course the Vietnamese cuisine offers a lot of delicious delicacies. There you will also find many streetfood stalls. In any case, go to eat where you can find the local ones, it will certainly taste a lot better. One of the classics is of course the famous Vietnamese Pho Bo or the baguette Banh Mi. In addition there are all kinds of rice and rice noodle dishes. So you won’t starve to death in Vietnam.