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Chuzhoufu City

The No. 1 ancient street of the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Southern Zhejiang Province, a real “Riverside Scene on the Pure Brightness Festival” in Lishui City

Chuzhoufu City is located on the northern bank of Nanming Lake. It is an ancient city with beautiful riverside scenery in the urban area of Lishui which enjoys the reputation of “Longevity City” and “Green Valley”. The Chuzhoufu City project started from the 750-year-old Xingchun Gate Wall. It is the provincial key protection of cultural relics aimed at restoring historical and cultural sites back to their original states. These sites include Chuzhou Mansion, Siguo Nunnery, Guandi Temple, Yingxing Pavilion and the ancient streets and yards. As a result, the famous painting, “Riverside Scene on the Pure Brightness Festival” was brought back to life. The hustle and bustle of Ming and Qing people’s life was also recreated bringing to the people rich historical memories and profound traveling experience.